Welcome to Posie Patchwork, a gorgeous little-old-fashioned one-woman-show Australian company putting a fresh twist on traditional handmade craft. Posie launched in 1999 & continued to expand with new products, designer collaborations, unique concepts & amazing fabrics from around the world, until winding right back in 2013 - when handmade sewing was swapped for farm life & raising high schoolers. 

Posie Patchwork was founded by Jennie McClelland, an Army wife & mother of 4. Posie is Jennie's alter ego who loves beautiful fabrics & handmade crafts. Sewing & design was a secret passion while studying Science (Pharmacology & Psychology) at Sydney University. In 2001 at the age of 26, Jennie suddenly went from 'working mother of one' to 'stay at home mother of three', after the birth of twins. It was then she got serious about expanding this little business on line into the perfect business to run from home around her growing family.  

Posie's passion is the glorious patchwork quilt. Who hasn't adored the idea of owning a handmade luxurious patchwork quilt, or their child having one to treasure as a childhood keepsake?? Over many indulgent years, Posie has sourced & acquired a large collection of vintage, reproduction & retro fabrics, which are available to you to choose for a Posie product.

Posie's products & designs emerged out of frustration of not being able to find original, practical & affordable products for mothers, children or the home. The custom design option is what makes Posie a stand out in this mass produced & fast paced world, we often forget to stop & appreciate the beauty of something hand crafted in Australia, made just for you.

Posie is taking a break from business, sewing & design during 2012-2014 as she builds a homestead for her family & prepares a farm for a sustainable life.  With her first three children in high school, 2014 is focussed on selling off stock to fund the Shearing Shed Studio renovation for her fledgling industrial design business.  So this website is serving the purpose of selling readymade products & whatever is left in stock from her handpicked toy collection from over a decade in business.  In the meantime, you can follow Posie on Instagram @posieshoots where she posts frequently!!

Thank you for visiting the Posie website today.  Check the events page to see if Posie is coming to an event near you.  x x jennie

Jennie McClelland
mother & creative director

Posie Patchwork
abn 35 016 469 820

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